Health, Saftey, Environment


The BAUER Resources group operations focus on highest HSE standards for our global key accounts and major clients such as BHPBilliton, Anglo American, De Beers, Newmont Gold and Rio Tinto providing customized equipment solution and proper service and support.


For the execution of drilling projects, we strategically utilize BAUER-Built drilling equipment, which is designed and manufactured to high German technical standards. Our equipment ensures maximum efficiency while complying with occupational safety and environmental regulations.



Our company employs engineers, natural scientists and technicians to manage complex tasks. Our staff is permanently trained in all subjects of quality assurance, environmental protection, disposal, water protection, emission control, operational health & safety as well as technical innovations.


All equipment is operated by trained local personnel with extensive drilling experience in Africa. Drill site supervisors and crew are fluent in English.




Secure workplaces, a good working climate and high motivation are of paramount importance to us. Our employees are valued for their situation-specific, flexible behavior and commitment.

Our complex tasks require our employees to act in a team-oriented and market-driven manner.


All our employees work with the highest possible level of self-responsibility within the framework of our organization. They can thus optimally develop their efficiency in order to achieve the company goals.