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 Drilling Tools and Casings



Equipment on stock


(for Kelly and CFA drilling)



  • Kelly Bar: BK25/394/4/32 / ~33 total depth with tool
  • CFA Equipment: Standard and extension package (8m extension)
  • BV Hydraulic preparation / Oscillator ready
  • Mast extension package / 2 meter extension
  • Additional counterweight for maximum stability / 2 ton added
  • Upgraded KDK235S / Multi-gear system
  • CAT C9 with 261 kW
  • YoM / 2010
  • Working Hours / ~15,700


Information for CFA Mode:
In the standard machine configuration, you are able to drill to a maximum depth of 21m at 1,000mm diameter. Due to our upgraded machine, we are able to drill to a final depth of 23m.


BG 24

BAUER BG 20-H #3141

inkl. Kelly BK25/343/3/21-S
KDK 200-S
Working Hours: approx. 9500h
YoM: 2014