Public water supply


Executed Services

    • the responsible agency in Senegal for town water supply. A presidential urgent program requested to satisfy the water consumption of the capital Dakar.
    • BAUER was contracted and execute successfully 5 high yield water bores in a highly potential Aquifer, but in a geologically very complicated zone.

Characteristics / Technical Data

    • Well design with 16" pump chamber (steel) and 8" liner section (stainless steel)
    • 5 ea. Boreholes with direct-flush and airlift drilling methods
    • Ø 36" (915 mm) to 12 m
    • Ø 23" (584 mm) to 60 m
    • Ø 17-1/2" (444 mm) to 120 m 

Rigs: 1 x RB40